New Ideas, Smart Solutions

Bobby ShriverGovernment needs innovation! How do we fix traffic, create more middle class jobs, house homeless veterans, reform the sheriff’s department, give foster children a better life, and protect our environment? Old questions? Yes. We need smart solutions and the drive to make them actually happen!

I have found solutions to chronic problems like these. My motivation is "to whom much is given, much will be expected." My two daughters are growing up here in LA County. I want to deliver to them and to the entire community, government that works.

- Bobby Shriver

until Election Day on Nov. 4th

Word On the Street From Our Supporters

"Bobby Shriver will continue his leadership to protect and restore clean water resources in Los Angeles County. He worked to stop pollution from reaching the beach and helped turn the Santa Monica beach from one of the dirtiest in the state to one that kids, families, and tourists can enjoy without getting sick from swimming. He worked to clean up the local ground water which cuts energy use and helps to create healthy neighborhoods for all of us. I am thrilled to support him and promise I will work with him and the county to create a sustainable future for everyone in the county."

Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Environmental Lawyer READ MORE→

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